Pandemics: Cognitive Sensations Call for Submissions


Cognitive Sensations is an online platform exploring the impact of the digital age on human behaviour, culture and society. We raise pertinent questions around our relationship with technology, reflecting upon its rising embodiment in everyday experience.

Cognitive Sensations explores this societal shift, through the intersection between art, science and digital culture. We publish texts and organise events and exhibitions that question the scale in which technology affects us: psychologically, neurologically, physiologically, geographically, economically and politically. 


This new period of our life marks a sudden change in our relationship and perception of digital technology. COVID-19 has altered the way we communicate, socialise, work and create, and our devices play an important role in shaping this activity. Where technology was once criticised for its negative impact on social skills, it has become a communal lifeline, creating a sense of solidarity in a time of great isolation.

Cognitive Sensations invites writers, artists and creatives alike to submit proposals centred around the exploration of these new experiences. We want to hear your creative and personal responses to a new era that has changed the very foundations of society. What challenges do we face as we transfer our work to the online sphere, and what can we do to avoid them? Are the changes we make temporary, or could they inform an entirely new way of living? 

We know from research in cognitive science that social media reward systems are core instigators in the maximisation of user’s online habits and consumption. As digital social channels become our only connection outside of the house, will our reliance on these devices lock us into rigid behaviours, making screen technology even more alluring in our search for further stimulation?

This is an opportunity to be creative. It’s a celebration of the tools that alleviate our situation, giving freedom and opportunity in the face of a crisis. And it’s an investigation of how we maintain control over our devices, making use of what they offer to maximise positive and creative experiences. 

We welcome submissions from a wide variety of international practitioners at any stage in their career, working in art, science, philosophy, digital culture and multi-disciplinary approaches.

Commissions will be confirmed by Friday 7th February 2020 and work will be published online until Spring 2020. Final publication must take place by April.


Cognitive Sensations is funded by Arts Council England. Commissions will be based on the following opportunities.

3 x Experimental/Art Fee at £150

2 x 700-1200 word articles at £120-£170

How to apply

Please email the following to Cognitive Sensations founder, Gabriella Warren-Smith, at

– a short description (100-200 words) of your proposal and in what form (essay, review, online artwork or other experimental intervention that could work well on our website)

– a short bio (no longer than 100 words please)

– 1-3 examples of previous work (jpgs/pdfs)

– and links to your social media


All submissions must be received by midnight, Wednesday 22nd April 2020.

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