The Marriage of Art and Science

​​When I was at school, my father always discouraged my preference for the arts, as he felt these were “fluffy” subjects that were unlikely to lead to a career. For him, the idea that art could be useful or practical was an alien concept. This perception is shared by many, and although I have issues with its message, I do not necessarily blame those who believe it.

Art and science have been separated in education and society throughout history. One is known for seeking meaning through logic, and the other through creativity. On, science is even defined as an antonym of art – its polar opposite. But what do artists and scientists do?

Read my analysis for SciArt Magazine, on the marriage of art and science at the Visual Science of Art conference in Leuven. How can art be applied to help us understand scientific processes such as visual perception and climate change? And can we measure the perception of art itself?

Read the full article!

Image – Oliver McAinsh. Commissioned by Cognitive Sensations.


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