One Month Conversation

One Month Conversation is a collaborative artistic project curated by Lily Mellor and Gabriella Warren-Smith, as part of a wider event which took place on Thursday 24th August at Edge Hill Station, organised by Metal & Sabina Sallis.

The project explores the evolution of dialogue during the digital age, where words and thoughts are often expressed on screens, minimising the rate of chance encounters with people we don’t know. A conversation was brought alive by a series of visual and linguistic messages by artists and writers, passed on in an anonymous fashion.

Artists and writers taking part created a work in response to the last work created and passed the drawings on to form a new sort of creative conversation.

Liverpool Participants include:

Lily Mellor
Gabriella Warren-smith
Joe Vanlint
Ollie McAinsh
Rob Battersby
Michael Lacey
Samiran Culbert
Theo Vass
Stephen Sheehan
Rebecca Thirza Brookfield
Maja Lorkowska

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